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Water and SCUDA

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Manufacturing and Installation Work
Our site teams offer a full range of both electrical and mechanical installations, fully supported by our Fabrication and Electrical workshops. We are therefore able to manufacture and to install, including Testing & Commissioning and are always pleased to receive enquiries for Pump Installations, Panels, Telemetry projects, Fabrication work etc.
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National Contracts
Our Site Services Division operates nationally and would be pleased to receive enquiries for larger contracts throughout the UK.
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SCUDA Machine

Click here to download a presentation of the SCUDA

Click here to download a video of the SCUDA in action (12mb)

With the ever-increasing regulations on the water industry, companies are seeking more effective ways of improving water quality and waste water treatment, at the same time as controlling spiralling maintenance budgets.

Floating debris and surface scum on water tanks are more than just unsightly and unpleasant, they also cause reduced water throughput by blocking pipes and clogging filters.

This means that water companies are faced with increased maintenance, more frequent tank cleaning and filter changes.

The SCUDA processes greater volumes more quickly than traditional solutions which tend to rely on purely mechanical systems.

The electrical control logic of the SCUDA creates flexibility to remove surface scum more effectively with virtually no maintenance, resulting in dramatically improved performance.

The SCUDA is usually used in conjunction with the traditional bridge scraper and is also capable of independent operation.

This independent electrical solution has a number of benefits. Our customers tell us that it:
» Reduces their maintenance costs.
» Increases water throughput.
» Helps them comply with waste water directives.
» Is easily and cost effectively integrated with modern pumps and filters.

In addition
» It is rapidly deployed, with minimum disruption.
» Its stainless steel construction provides assurance of a long working life with low maintenance.
» Training is given at installation stage to ensure correct set-up and operator familiarity

We offer a full installation service for the SCUDA.

emi have the Exclusive Manufacturing rights of the SCUDA which is also covered by international Patent.

The SCUDA is included on the Yorkshire Water Framework Agreement
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