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13/11/2016 - EMI achieves 100% score for UVDB Audit

EMI achieves 100% score for UVDB Audit
November 2016

East Midlands Instrument Company (EMI), electrical, instrumentation and control installation contractor for the power generation, power transmission, rail and industrial markets are delighted to have recently achieved a score of 100% for its Achilles UVDB Audit. This validates EMI’s continued commitment to Health & Safety, the Environment, Quality and Corporate, Social Responsibilities.

Recognised across the utilities sector, Achilles UVDB provides a fair, open and transparent means of supplier selection for potential tender opportunities. It helps utility companies manage risk across their supply chain while complying with EU Procurement Legislation.  Suppliers assessed as having a high risk profile undergo an audit of their company’s Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and Corporate, Social Responsibilities. Due to the nature of EMI’s operations, EMI undertake this audit every year to test and confirm their management systems of control are performing as intended.

Keven Bingham, Managing Director of EMI said “We are delighted to have achieved a score of 100% for our UVDB audit. More and more clients are asking us to demonstrate our commitment to the Environment and Sustainability issues; this validates our intentions of working towards a sustainable business model.”
Sharron Hind (previously Lowrie) QHSE Manager for EMI said “As a company we have recently implemented our carbon off setting programme to mitigate our carbon emissions.  Initially reducing energy consumption within the Laughton Lane Control Panel Workshop, the programme has been extended to tree planting, with each tree offsetting 1 tonne of CO2e over a 40 year period, Phase 1 aims to mitigate 120 tonnes of CO2e, in partnership with E4Environment.  The UVDB B2 Verify Audit involved a two assessment, one day office based reviewing the management system and one day site based reviewing how these systems are implemented on site.

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