We are a leading multi-skilled design and installation contractor
working to the highest industry technical standards


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Our fully equipped workshops are housed in a modern factory of approximately 10,000 sq ft, providing flexible manufacturing areas enabling us manage any number of large or small contracts and electrical solutions for industry.

Motor Control Centres
Single starter, and multi-motor panels can be built using Contactors, Variable Speed drives and PLC Control.
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Instrument Panels
We offer a variety of instrumentation panels built to customer specifications for the control/measurement of temperature, pressure, Flow, and Process, etc.
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Power Distribution Panels
A range of solutions can be met for Power Distribution including Busbar arrangements using our suppliers of ASTA Certified panels.
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Desks & Consoles
We have a good pedigree for the design and manufacture of Control Desks and Process Consoles in the Power, Nuclear, Steel and other industries (see Fabrication Workshops).
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Electrical Assemblies
Machines and assemblies are built for the Power, Petro-chemical and Rail Industry, which vary from small relay arrangements to larger mobile units and Skids.
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Wiring Looms
Wiring Looms can be accommodated up to any length on our looming trays and Boards, prototyping and Production Runs of Small or large Batch quantities have been built for Safety Critical Rail work.
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Manufacture of harnesses and associated connectors including computerised Idents are assembled extensively for the Rail Industry.
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Kits of Parts
We have extensive experience in creating ĎPackaged Installation Kitsí of parts including panels, looms, harnesses, bracketry and fixings. Working together with our customers we are ever conscious of the costs associated with downtime, the creation of complete installation kits leads to rapid and more cost effective installation.
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Engraving Services
Our computerised engraving facility can offer front and rear engraving on a verity of materials including Traffolites, Laminates, Brass, Stainless Steels and Polycarbonates.
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Installation Work
As a Company we offer a full installation service for the above, utilising our own workshop staff or working together with our Site Services Division which can include Installation, Commissioning, Inspection Testing and Maintenance.
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On-Site Panel Refurbishments
As a company we offer an almost unique service for on site Electrical and Mechanical refurbishments and modifications, including welding & painting on Customers premises to required H&S standards for manned operational areas.
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Manufacture of Control Panels, Bracketry and Steelwork associated with our contracts is accommodated by our own Fabrication Workshops which includes an in-house painting facility.
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emi is a division of East Midlands Instrument Co. Ltd